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Antediluvian World: Shadows of the Fallen New Book

Antediluvian World: Shadows of the Fallen New Book

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During the late 19th Century as the SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION began 
publishing authoritative books concerning the pre-Columbian Native
American peoples, it soon became apparent that many of the sacred 
possessions and symbols used by these people were nearly identical to 
those used in worship by very differing peoples around the planet. This 
is evident in that when these Native American possessions and symbols 
were named and recorded in the institution's publications, they were 
described and given names that were in reference to those that had 
been used by very diverse and distant peoples for thousands of years. 
How is it possible that for thousands of years, isolated peoples around
the planet venerated and worshiped with nearly identical possessions 
and symbols?
Now for the first time, that question can be answered. With over 15 
years of research and study, ancient mysteries author Charles D. Pfund 
reveals the shadows of a fallen people who propagated an Ice Age world 
religion.  With over 100 illustrations, he will also show how this religion 
has overshadowed nearly every religion that has ever existed to this day!

ISBN: 978-0-9842876-3-5
AUTHOR: Charles D. Pfund




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