Getting Started !

Wow !

What a lot of work it has been getting started. We had switch from Amazon to our own website . YA !!!

I have to say the folks at Shopify are Great to work with they helped us to move our domain over and even helped us with or inventory. Although our new site is far from being complete. We feel that it is ready to go live.  

Anybody who is thinking about starting a online business should consider, sales tax, inventory management , marketing and far from the last thing to consider how to get people to use your site.

One of biggest mistake that we did was not fully understanding how drop shipping works. This is what happen, we uploaded and linked some great products to our site and then it happened. We got some sales ! ya ! We went through all of proper steps. and then the items never got to our customers. We tried to reach out to the supplier and of course nothing happened. We even had a tracking number to boot. 

My customer left us negative feedback, We ended up giving all of our customers a full refund. Our drop shipping company gave us a refund after a couple of months.

The main reason for all of the trouble was that  the items came from China. We did not plain for a 30 day delivery. In the end all of our customers received the items that they ordered. 

This was a very expensive lesson to learn.

I would like to thank all of our great customers and followers !



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